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Walk-in Clinic in Bradenton, FL

Manasota Minor Care Clinic has served the Bradenton and greater Sarasota County community for over 17 years. We provide care for common injuries and illnesses to those in our community who need our help the most. We also provide Suboxone treatment, medical weight loss, and testosterone replacement therapy.

We’re an affordable clinic with little to no wait time. Our goal is to serve our community quickly and at a reasonable rate. At Manasota Minor Care Clinic, our friendly and compassionate staff is ready to take care of you. Contact us today.

Walkin Clinic serving Bradenton, Whitfield, Oneco, Samoset, West Samoset, Bayshore Gardens, Tallevast, and South Bradenton.

Se habla español.

Manasota Clinic now accepts Medicare. We do not currently accept any other insurance plans.

Our clinic is designed to service those individuals that do not have or cannot afford health insurance.


COVID-19 Testing Available Here.


Suboxone Treatment in Bradenton Florida

Getting sober from opioids is difficult to do alone. Manasota Minor Care Clinic offers Suboxone treatment for medication-assisted drug addiction recovery.

DOT Physical Exams in Bradenton Florida - Manasota Minor Care Clinic

DOT Physical Exams in Bradenton Florida

Manasota Minor Care Clinic offers DOT (Department of Transportation) physical exam in Bradenton, Florida for anyone required to get medically cleared by a doctor.

covid coronavirus testing in bradenton florida - manasota minor care clinic

COVID-19 Testing in Bradenton

If you are experiencing symptoms and would like to be tested for COVID-19, please call us to schedule your visit.

situps - Medical Weight Loss Program in Bradenton - Manasota Minor Care Clinic

Medical Weight Loss in Bradenton Florida

We will work with you to develop a sustainable program that helps you lose weight and start feeling great!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy - Manasota Minor Care Clinic

Testosterone Therapy in Bradenton Florida

About 2 in every 100 men have low testosterone. But what exactly is it?

Physical Exam in Bradenton Florida

Back to school season can be stressful, with everything going on it can be hard to make time fora physical. That doesn’t make them any less important.

UTI Treatment in Bradenton Florida

UTIs or urinary tract infections are incredibly common and over three million are diagnosed every year. What is a UTI and how do you know if you have one?

Sinus Infection Treatment in Bradenton Florida

Sinus infections can be extremely uncomfortable when your nose gets clogged up and you feel pain or pressure in your face.

Allergies Treatment in Bradenton Florida

There’s nothing more annoying than seasonal allergies. Sometimes it can feel like having a cold all year round.

Eye Infection Treatment in Bradenton Florida

It’s really hard to get in the habit of not touching your eyes and face. It’s almost second nature. However, not touching your eyes is an easy way to prevent an eye infection.

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