12 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

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12 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water

12 Health Benefits of Drinking Enough Water - Manasota Minor Care Clinic
By Manasota Clinic

Drinking water is incredibly important in helping to maintain your overall health, and you’ve likely been reminded many times by doctors, parents, or even friends to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. But why exactly is hydration so important, and what health benefits will you experience when you’re well-hydrated?

1. Helps maximize your body’s physical health

Overall, water is incredibly important. It affects many key functions in the body and keeps you running throughout the day. If something feels wrong within your body, you should always run through a checklist in your head:

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you’ve probably located the reason as to why you aren’t feeling well.

Drinking water is vital to ensuring your body is able to perform its daily functions. Water is associated with temperature control, fatigue, and motivation, so make sure you keep up with your water intake, so your physical performance doesn’t suffer.

2. Improves energy levels and brain function

If you’re having a hard time concentrating or work seems to be harder than usual, it may because your fluid intake is much lower than usual. Increasing your water intake can help your brain function improve.

This is especially true in young women, who experience a huge decrease in mood and concentration after experiencing fluid loss.

3. Prevents and treats headaches

A headache is sometimes a sign that you’re dehydrated, yet another signal to your brain that you need to increase your fluid intake. While headaches can occur for many reasons, they commonly occur because of dehydration.

The good thing about a dehydration headache is that it can easily be cured by drinking more water and ensuring that you drink the correct amount of water each day.

Water may also prevent and help alleviate other types of headaches, especially in people who experience frequent or recurring headaches.

4. Relieves constipation

While you can always eat fiber to help prevent constipation, that isn’t the only effective method. Consuming enough water is also important in order to ensure that your bowel movements have enough water in them.

When your bowel movements don’t contain enough water, constipation can occur. Additionally, water can help to decrease symptoms associated with constipation.

5. Reduces the chance of hangover

There’s a reason why everyone tells you to drink water after a long night (or even a short night) of drinking alcohol. Drinking water after alcohol consumption can help prevent a hangover from occurring the next day, allowing you to more easily return to your daily routine instead of having to struggle through a headache for half the morning.

6. Can aid weight loss

If you’re trying to lose weight, water should become your best friend. Drinking water is linked to weight loss in women, so make sure to up your water consumption when you start working out. That way, you can lose weight quicker.

7. Protects your tissue, spinal cord, and joints

Pain in the joints, tissues, and spinal cord can be annoying, causing lasting effects when not treated properly. To avoid damage to these areas, drink the correct amount of water per day. Water will properly lubricate these areas, cushioning your joints to prevent pain and discomfort associated with daily activities, workouts, and arthritis.

8. Aids in digestion and nutrient absorption

Drinking more water every day (especially right before meals) will help your body break down food easier, making digestion much easier on your body. When you digest food easier, your body absorbs nutrients easier as well, meaning you’ll get the most out of every meal.

9. Helps to fight off illness

If you’re worried about getting sick, or your immune system needs additional help, drinking water can help to prevent certain illnesses, such as:

  • Kidney stones
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Exercise-induced asthma
  • Hypertension

If you’re at risk for any of these illnesses, you may want to consume more water in order to not only keep yourself hydrated but also to keep yourself healthy.

10. Boosts energy levels

It’s easy to feel sluggish and tired, sinking into your couch and struggling to find motivation. While water won’t solve all your problems, it may give you the extra boost of energy that you need to get things done every single day.

Because drinking water can activate your metabolism, you’ll also receive a nice little boost to your energy. If you find yourself to be dragging or slacking, you may just be dehydrated.

11. Improves your skin health

If you struggle with acne or dry skin, it may be because your skin isn’t getting the water content that it requires. Appropriate water intake helps your skin produce more collagen, leading to smoother skin and reduced effects of aging.

However, not all skin problems can be solved by drinking water. Some skin conditions are predisposed by genetics.

12. Can help improve mood

Staying hydrated is vital to keeping your mood up. When you’re dehydrated, you may feel sluggish or confused. That’s your body’s way of telling your brain, “Hey! I need more water!”

Water helps to increase your mood by getting rid of these annoying dehydration symptoms and instead to allow you to feel refreshed and ready to take on the day.

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