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Back to school season can be stressful, with everything going on it can be hard to make time for a physical. That doesn’t make them any less important. If it’s the beginning of a new school year or sports season, your child may need one of these physicals.

Overview: What’s the Difference Between a School Physical and a Sports Physical?

Sports and school physicals are two different types of assessments that get students and sports players ready for the next school year or season.

School physicals are used to determine whether or not a student is healthy enough to return or start school. These are used because diseases and illnesses can travel quickly within a large group of people. If a student started the school year with a contagious illness, it’s likely that other students would get it as well. The main aspect of a school physical is to keep not only your own child safe, but those around them as well.

School physicals also make sure that your child’s health is on the right track. They measure their height and weight and make sure they’re developing appropriately for their age. A school physical is not the same as an annual physical, and should not replace an annual physical with your doctor or local clinic.

Sports physicals​ focus more on injury prevention. Most sports programs require this type of physical to get a baseline of where your child’s health is at so that the school or sports team can be sure that your child is healthy enough to participate.

Sports physicals also assess the general health of your athlete.

Common High School Sports Injuries

Depending on the sport your child plays, there’s a level of danger that comes with it. Some sports, like football, are more dangerous than others. However, each sport poses a threat to your child’s health in some way, even if it’s just a minor strain.

The most common high school injuries are mainly caused by overuse or overexertion. A high school baseball pitcher throwing a pitch for a few hours every day is going to have a sore shoulder and arm after a little while. The same is true in basketball, where a lot of pressure is
put on the ankles. These actions can lead to injuries like ​repetitive stress injuries​.

More serious injuries include ​concussions​, which are fairly common in soccer, football, and hockey, as well as sprains and fractures, which can occur in most sports.

What to Expect During Your Visit

A sports physical is a pretty standard examination. During the exam you can expect your child’s height and weight to be measured, as well as their blood pressure and pulse. Their vision will also be tested. The doctor will also check their lungs, heart, belly, ears, nose, and throat as well as their joints, strength, flexibility, and posture.

Most sports physicals don’t include a ​concussion test​, as these are mainly done by the sports program themselves.

Before your visit, make sure you fill out your health history forms as accurately as you can. Your child’s health history is important, so be as detailed as you can be. If they’ve had concussions or injuries before, you’ll want to write them down.

Before you can be cleared by your doctor, they’ll check for potential signs of issues or problems. For example, a recently discovered ​heart murmur​ would require more investigation before being cleared to play.

A back-to-school physical is pretty similar, with more of a focus on development. A school physical checks your child’s height and weight to make sure they are growing at the correct rate for their age group. The doctor will also make note of any new symptoms that would require a follow-up appointment or consultation with another doctor.

Vaccinations are also an important part of these appointments, as many schools require vaccinations before returning to school​.

Where Can I Get a School or Sports Physical?

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